Kreiss Moderne

Kreiss is a reputable, high end furniture brand that has quite a few different collections to offer. One of their recent collections that leans more to the modern end of the string is the Moderne line (go figure). This consists of 5 different pieces, each partly matching with a few pretty little twists.

  1. Coffee table – Sleek and elegant, medium in size, and beautifully designed. The crossed body keeps a modern style while the glass top offers a little back to tradition. Made sturdily of Rift Oak, the square dimensions add balance to any contemporary designing.
  2. Lounge chairs – Gorgeous boxed arm/leg combination make these a perfect addition to the collection. Although boxed, these aren’t squared; if you look at the rear vertical leg, it is slightly angled in for a forward, extra modern lean.
  3. Sofa – Simple and smooth – This sofa pairs perfectly with any other item in this collection. Although it matches the lounge chairs pretty darn closely, the arms are filled with padding and fabric, so they aren’t quite as contemporary as the chairs. Comfort is mediocre, but for modern, above average.
  4. Bed – Squared off, this bed offers elegant dimension to any bedroom. It is extremely simplistic, but in a subtle way gives a look of complexity. The Hb height is 20″ higher than the Fb on the King’s, which offers a gorgeous balance to the design.
  5. End Table – X factor. It is the only piece in the collection that is made completely of wrought iron, excluding the Rift Oak accents. Which in our opinion offers a rustic tone to the set, giving impartiality and a tone of integrity to the collection as a set.

Overall, this collection is down right dazzling. The comfort is a bogey on a Par 3, but in all fairness, it is modern comfort so we won’t judge something so beautiful too harshly on comfort. Designs are pretty much flawless. Price is as expected.

Review: 7.9/10

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