Top 6 Outlets to Find Unique Furniture

In order to find the best furniture at a reasonable price, it usually takes some looking around and treasure hunting. Some means of doing just that are through a variety of different outlets, in no specific order, including:

  1. Swap Meets! Also known as Flea Markets. These are filled with tons of great finds, so look up your nearest Swap Meets and start walking around. Beware though, in addition to finding antique treasures that are under-priced (WIN), you will also run into loads of unhealthy and remarkably delicious food vendors. Review: 9/10
  2. Online – Direct. Sometimes, shopping directly on the manufacturers website is the best way to go. Now, not a lot of people know about this, and pay a high markup at retail stores in their area, but sometimes you can save a couple $$$ by checking their website before swiping your card around town. Review 7/10
  3. Consignment Stores/Boutiques…I don’t know why this isn’t number 1, because the deals you can find at consignment stores are UNREAL. If you don’t know what a consignment store is, it is a retail store where the company sells other people’s furniture for them (and keeps a percentage). The cool thing about this is it is one store with the imagination and creativity of hundreds if not thousands of people. So start Googling “Consignment stores near me.” Review: 10/10
  4. Online websites – Now this isn’t news to anyone, but the reason it made the list is because you can use this as a way to check prices as you shop along all of the other methods. Most people don’t buy furniture online because it is difficult to test out comfort and visualize what it really looks like in person (P.S. that is what this website is for, so subscribe!). Review: 8/10
  5. Big Box Retail – These are stores like R.C. Willey, Ashley’s and Ikea. Now, these are perfectly acceptable means for shopping for furniture, especially if you are on a budget and absolutely NEED new furniture. Sometimes, these places can get a little pricey for the lower quality furniture that they offer, so be aware of everything you are purchasing and check the brands online before you buy to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. Review: 6/10

Of course there are other means of searching out furniture and finding the best deals, but these 5 are the easiest to remember and most simple to try out. Also, if you are someone who doesn’t have a ton of time to shop around for furniture, be sure to subscribe to our site so we can let you know our ranking and review of all the top furniture as they are released!

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