WEWOOD Portuguese Joinery – Touch Sideboard & Luna Mirror

Coming across furniture with new, innovative designs is always intriguing. WEWOOD is a company based out of Portugal, that brings décor to life with its simplistically compound designs. Many of their products are lightwood and semi-modular, but all of their furniture can easily find their way into our homes.


The Touch Sideboard is among their highest quality products with a creative wave design. Interestingly enough, this sideboard stands out from others because of its vertical blueprint. Instead of the average horizontal, space-taking piece, they re-designed this piece to perfection. The picture above shows just a hint of how alluring this sideboard is in person. It has 7 drawers giving enough space for more than enough storage. Although, most “regular” sideboards have more space, considering they have cabinets and drawers.

Review: 8.2 (for innovation)


The Luna Mirror is almost overly simplified. The only two reasons it made it onto this review is because of the small to large beveled frame, and the option for different sizes. Don’t get us wrong, we think this mirror is gorgeous, but let’s be honest, it isn’t something extremely out of the ordinary that only one designer could have come up with. So, in uses to accent other pieces, and matching different sizes [like the featured picture at the top of the page], it comes as a perfect accessory.

Review: 6.2

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