Koket – Ribbon Dining Table

If you are looking for a new table to liven up your dining room, this could be the one. Its spectacular base is what makes this a vital asset to your home. As the name implies, the bases has a ribbon-like shape that captures your eye the moment you walk into the room. Not even the chair can get in the way of this table snatching your attention.

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Some Specs:

The top and the base are available in 3 different finishes. The glass top can be obtained in Smoked, Bronze, or Clear glass, while the base is available in Gold, Silver, or Copper Leaf. Mixing these options to fit the mood of your space really adds to the course of action this table has to offer. Just make sure to get this honker into place the first time around, because the base itself is solid, and the table as a whole weighs 367 lbs.


78″ W x 42″ D x 29″ H.

Overall: This table is absolutely glorious in its design and eye-catching from every angle. As long as you have a budget within reach, this table should be on your list, or at the very least one to keep in mind.

Review: 8.9


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