Dolce Farniente – Ethuil Sofa

Dolce Farniente is an Italian designer and manufacturer that has a passion for Rattan and Wicker. This product doesn’t stray from that passion. In fact, it embraces and encapsulates it, bearing a bright and beautiful piece of furniture.

There is no hiding this beauty; its backrest is visible, to say the least. But isn’t it worth a merit when it looks as pleasing as the Ethuil does? I’d say so. The bent Rattan adds to the poised perspective of the sofa. Don’t fret over the color, as it can be ordered in a variety of different ones.

Cushions that are used can be covered and upholstered with the options that Farniente provides, but re-upholstering or sending the fabric you choose may be a more soothing alternative. Comfort in the padding isn’t an A+ rating, but this design was made for sleeping or long-term sits, so it passes the comfort test. The backing was designed and created sublimely to look like a leaf with veins running throughout. Saying this piece is seductive would be considered minimization.

Review: 7.7


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